Grieving Therapy

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Grieving Therapy Name: Institution: Grieving Therapy Background Information Grief affects all people at some point in life. Grief may be caused by death or any other form of loss. Moreover, this emotional disturbance affects people of all ages and all genders but at different magnitudes (Wong, 2013). Without proper management, grief can cause considerable damage to one's life and extend to other members of the society with whom that individual interacts. Therefore, various mechanisms are coined to help people throughout the grieving people and restore the norm to the society. In most cases, young people are neglected when it comes to dealing with matters of grief. Adults tend to think that children do not grief after the loss of a loved one because their ways of dealing with the loss differ from those of the older generation. As a result, most children develop permanent psychological conditions that persist in their lives until old age. It is, therefore, important to come up with ways that help clinicians design the best mechanism for handling stress and depression arising from grief in children of all ages. Using the similar mechanism to those used on adults to deal with children grief is a futile act, and so is designing a single mechanism to handle all age groups (Wong, 2013). The best mechanism for dealing with grief in children requires one to separate children according to their developmental stage because the impacts of trauma on people lives depend on the stage at which they are in development. Moreover, it is vital to choose the best approach between the counseling therapy and medical therapy to help children deal with grief successfully (Wetherell,

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