Grief in the Digital Age

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Grief in the Digital Age Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Social networking is increasingly becoming a popular avenue for people to interact courtesy of the information technology that is supported and sustained in various parts of the globe. Virtual communities bring together individuals from contrasting lifestyles and backgrounds for entertainment, sharing knowledge, and contributing to dialogs. Perhaps a fundamental impact of the new digital media is its ability to transform how people grieve and mourn. Through online grief communities to social media sites, mourners have been given a platform to process grief and to memorize and maintain a connection with the loved ones. For example, Facebook is emerging as perhaps the most influential hubs for the bereaved in recent years. This is because it commands the influence of 350 million users and 100 million who use My Space. It must be noted, a significant number of these users use this platform to commemorate the death of their loved ones (Carroll & Landry, 2010). Both public and private communication are increasingly prevalent among those in mourning, from private messages to public posts. Users are given an outlet to express personal emotions and messages, whether with the dead or with individuals that are overcome by grief. Literature Review Grief & Mourning in Today’s Society The literature on grief in the digital age indicates that Facebook is not only an online opportunity for the living to connect; it is also a virtual space to engage, remember, and honor the deceased (McEwan et al., 2013). Whereas traditional mourning practices and ritualistic memorials typically happen

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