Grenfell Tower

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Student’s name: Instructor: Course Name: Date: Engineers’ Responsibility on Grenfell Fire Tragedy It is undoubtedly the responsibility of engineers to design safety structures and systems. This statement is a fact based on their role in putting together fire alarms and water sprays in building construction. This topic is important because it will help find out significant areas of improvement in regards to fire safety. Before the Grenfell fire tragedy, Rodyn Group did its renovation the previous year. The renovation included decoration and fitting the external layers. The materials used in furnishing were inflammable, and that is what led the widespread of the fire over a short period. The engineers failed to adhere to negligence-based standard of care, the appropriate building regulations, housing standards and fire safety laws. The engineers of the Rodyn Group were responsible for the damages because they demonstrated lack of competency in their work, they fitted fire safety design that does not meet fire safety regulations, and failed to conform to engineering practice ethics of responsible oversight and liability. Standard of care for professional engineers guides the courts in measuring the engineers’ performance. Anyone who is trained to offer engineering services is required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills usually possessed by members of a similar profession. He/she will be held accountable for these standards of care if the tribunal found out that his services were below these standards. A key code of ethics is the negligence-based standard of care. It provides that professional engineering services should be provided consistently only in

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