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Green Products My willingness to spend more on green products is dependent on the quality of the product in question. The reasoning behind this is that the capitalist mindset of many businesses out there has led to the creation of substandard products that only serve to increase their profits without considering the wants and needs of their consumers (Mazar, Nina, and Chen-Bo Zhong 13). Therefore, for genuine green products, I would be willing to pay more. As for how much more, I find that I could pay ten percent more than the standard price of the average product that is in the same category as the green product but isn’t green. The last time I spent more for a green product than for an equivalent non green product was a month or so ago. The product in question was a light bulb. The reason as to why I purchased the product was that it helped reduce energy consumption in my premises. This I find is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces my costs in general. I find that consumers will spend more on green products. However, this is especially the case when the costs involved will eventually be offset by purchasing this product (Tseng, Shih-Chang, and Shiu-Wan Hung 43). As for how much more customers are willing to spend on green products, it has been found that an average of five to ten percent more is favored by customers. The common consensus that the environment needs protection while improving one’s quality of life is the core reason more consumers are willing to purchase such products. Consumers have been found to actually pay more for green products (Romani, Simona, Grappi, and Richard 72). The fact that such products provide them with the benefits

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