Green Engineering

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Name Course College Date Green Engineering Green engineering involves the design and commercial application of process and technologies that promote sustainability, reduce cases of pollution of the natural environment and are health-friendly to the living environment without compromising its performance efficiency and economic viability. Green engineering concepts, in this case, support the use of human and animal-friendly techniques that perform with the same efficiency and have the same market value as other non-green products. Also, green engineering works under the principles of conserving and developing the natural ecosystem and at the same instance preventing health risks that can negatively impact the survival of the living environment. Therefore, Lozano et al. (227) state that green engineering involves the application of engineering-based solutions while at the same time take note of the need to conserve the natural environment. Annand adds that green engineers innovate engineering technics that in addition to performing better than the existing technologies, they promote environmental conservation and sustainability. In this context, we look at the principles governing green engineering, the benefits and the constraints the programs have encountered while being implemented in the society. The institution of the Green Engineering program was followed by the process of setting up twelve principles that were guide on how engineering projects and development will be carried out while at the same time promoting sustainability and conservation of the environment. The first principle requires the designers of engineering products to create inherent instead of

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