Green Chemistry

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Green Chemistry Green chemistry refers to the intentional use of tools developed from chemical interactions to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions through the development of energy efficient systems. This is seen in Carnot’s theory on entropy, which intones that energy must flow in a particular direction for work to be done. For instance, at the top of a waterfall, the water has high potential energy, but low kinetic energy. As the water drops down the waterfall, its kinetic energy increases even as the potential energy reduces. As a result, potential energy is turned into kinetic energy. The transition from low-kinetic energy and high-potential energy to high-kinetic energy and low-potential energy can be explained using the molecular bombardment theory – entropy. If the water has high-potential energy, the molecular bombardment is low with the reverse equally being true such that low-potential energy matched by high molecular bombardment. If to take another example, let us consider an ice cube placed in a glass half-full of warm water. The ice will gain heat energy from the warm water and hence melt, while the warm water will lose heat energy to the ice and thus become cold. In other words, the heat exchange causes the fast moving molecules of the warm water to lose energy and thus the particles vibrate less vigorously. Conversely, the ice molecules gain heat energy and thus become more active with their particles vibrating at a faster rate. As a result, the ice cube melts, to imply that the molecules are able to move freely. Eventually, the two systems balance in terms of energy content and hence the melted ice is indistinguishable from the cold

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