Greek`s role of food in the society and etiquette.

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Greek’s Role of Food in the Society and Etiquette Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The history of Greek cuisine dates thousands of years ago and the traditional food influences persist among Greeks and other different cultures in the modern world. Greek’s food habit influence on other cultures is eminent as it is with the impact other cultures have had on Greek. However, there remain significant similarities between the ancient and modern food cultures of Greeks Historically, Greeks’ need to create a civilized culture that distinguished them from barbarians saw them introduce food habits that run up to date. Eating together is a traditional food culture practiced by a majority of Greeks. And although barbarians and animals dine together, Greeks introduced a civilized way like serving wine properly and other etiquettes to separate themselves (Wilkins 2015). Greeks perceive eating as a social event whereby they do not sit together to eat but instead eat together (Hellander 2008). This culture continues in the current world. Greeks also use bread, olive oil and wines their food fundamentals. Traditionally, these foods symbolized loyalty to Greece as they produced them locally and simplicity and frugality of life. These products remain relevant in current Greek meals, especially olive and wheat which is their staple food (Helstosky 2009). Greeks rarely took meat meals as they associated it with barbarians and instead considered themselves civilized enough to rely on land produce by converting olives to olive oil, wheat to bread and grapes to wine. They also used animals mainly for milk products. Nevertheless, today’s culture is different in which

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