Greek and Roman comedy

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Greek and Roman Comedy “Family Guy” is an adult American sitcom that was produced by a young animator, Seth MacFarlane when he was just 24 years for Fox broadcasting company. The sitcom had an excellent start and gained an enormous loyal fan base for the animated TV show. The series was a conception of two previous MacFarlane’s animations; Life of Larry and Larry and Steve, where Seth modified the characters to come up with the popular sitcom, Family guy. The series talks about the family of Peter Griffin and their dog Brian in a satirical American family. The show is set in Rhode Island in a fabricated city called Quahog. The series was aired for the first three seasons then canceled by FOX, but due to the high sale of DVDs and high public demand for the show, it was reinstated in 2004 and aired the 4th season in 2005. The most significant civilizations in ancient times portrayed by the Greeks, they made many contributions to the life and culture of the American people in the modern day. For instance, Greek comedy by the famous comic artist Aristophanes that are still being referred to in the modern day American film industry. The plays that Aristophanes wrote during the Greek civilization have inspired the show, Family guy in many aspects of humor it exhibits. The two artists despite the period difference of producing their works, they show similarities in how they articulate and demonstrate their humor. Aristophanes’ dirty jokes, political satire, and toilet jokes have been adopted by the modern TV shows like Family Guy and Comic Central’s South Park, therefore, indicating the striking

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