Great Leadership

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We usually use “great” at the beginning of a description to declare the intense or powerful nature of something. Greatness is, therefore, a force. The history of the world leadership is marked with several iconic leaders who have always energized, stimulate and sweep people through their influence. The passion in them and the composure they had made it possible to achieve remarkable milestones in fighting for social changes. Such leaders as Mandela, Luther King Jr., Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln were among the great leaders the world ever had. Among the five three were assassinated for their influence in championing the rights of the people. Mandela, for instance, was imprisoned for 27 years, but the passion was never taken from him. King died while championing the rights of sanitation workers in Memphis. These revelations only indicated the courage these leaders had in fighting for what they perceived in just and right for humanity. Greatness comes with a price and which most of these leaders were more than willing to pay. However, several qualities allowed them to achieve such remarkable achievements in their leadership. First, most of them are visionary. The ability to see both short and long term probable results made it possible for the leaders to achieve milestones. Mother Teresa a Roman Catholic nun inspired many in assisting the less fortunate and the ill in the society through his visions of a healthy society. Furthermore, great leaders like Gandhi, Lincoln, and King all underwent assassination for their vision of transforming their countries in various distinct ways. Second, persistence and modesty dominated most of these

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