Great Gatsby and Changes with the American Dream

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Great Gatsby and Changes with the American Dream The American Dream refers to set national ethos. This dream changes from time to time with every decade having a different view of the same. The changes in the American dream makes it important to constantly keep track of the same as it tells about Americans more than anything else would do. A bigger part of the 20th century, unlike the dream as posted above, The American dream has nearly been vague, the dream measures what the citizens lack rather than what they realize or achieve. Great Gatsby and Citizen Kane, are characters that depict the emptiness of the American dream. With the dream resulting to isolation and disillusionment. The two characters show the difference between achievement and pursuit which can prove to be a matter of life and death. True dreamers do not mistake evidence of obtaining the dream with the beauty of the dream’s pursuit (Bloom and Blake 19). The American dream plays the role of driving the society as well as motivating individuals in the society. However, a question looms on the existence of the American dream. The history of the American Dream runs back to the year 1931. This was the first text defining The American Dream done by in Epic of America by James Truslow Adams. The history of the American Dream encompasses rights, liberty, democracy, opportunity, and equality. Through Adam’s work, he teaches of a society that gives freedom an opportunity for people to move towards success as well as prosperity. The Setting of The Great Gatsby as well as its characters reflect the American society. Through Jay Gatsby, a character in Scott’s work,

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