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Orange Juice


graphics it has, that make it interesting to watch. The target audience for the advertisement is the people who are health conscious, looking to have a product that is healthy, regarding ingredients. This is pointed out by the fact that the advertisement points out to the absence of added sugars and other preservatives, terming it as” all natural.” It also seems to target people in a wide age group, approximately 5 to 45 years of age, all presumably educated due to their awareness of the disadvantages of preservatives and ingredients. The advertisement stimulated my interest since it was a bit catchy and interesting to watch, especially due to its graphics. Tropicana Orange...

graphics can also be inserted in the diagram in a vector formula. Through its uses, a diagram can be dissected down into smaller parts that can be described independently. There are also different native formats that are used while working on a Visio Application. Hence, a database may be created for a diagram in the application. The Visio Application is divided into dual editions that differ in terms of their application to the industry. These two are different in terms of their capabilities. I have used the “vsdx” native file format in the project that required a network of an office. The diagram shows an office with a total of four workstations. The connectivity of the work stations in the...

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