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If you want to prepare something more unique instead of traditional paper, then you can select alternative options. For instance, you may try your skills in making a graphic essay. This is a great choice for students at high school or college. Let’s define a graphic essay. This is a visual representation of the assignment that includes all its elements. Students need to select a topic, evaluate an idea, and create content in a relevant format.

So get the following graphic essay examples and see how to write such an assignment for any topic! Students will easily find numerous free ideas for their papers and have a chance to perform original content for any subject. Besides, you may ask for writing assistance if you want to receive professional help with your task.



graphic materials’ and hence, it is boring just to read the content without other interactive activities to engage the learners. In the cooperate world we live today it is paramount to have highly engaging and attractive training to keep the learners coming back. Works cited Concannon, Fiona, Antoinette Flynn, and Mark Campbell. "What campus‐based students think about the quality and benefits of e‐learning." British journal of educational technology 36.3 (2005): 501-512.

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graphics element of the website. As I have highlighted the graphic element adds the value of a website making it catchy to the users. I have proposed ways in which we can make the Arts & Communication Website gain this aesthetic value. The improvements will range from coloring, spacing and contrast adjustment (Austin, 5). First, using different fonts and element sizes is a focal point during the design. While some texts could be made bigger depending on the priority others could be highlighted to make sure that the users do not fail to take note. The webpage shown has not utilized the graphic design element effectively. While the texting is not adequate and is almost eligible, they have...

graphic representation of a scatter diagram can help in indicating the relationship between two different variables (Bennett, Briggs, & Triola, 2014). The scatter diagram illustrates a case of positive correlation since as the explanatory variable X increases, the response variable Y also increases. Additionally, as the X variable decreases, the Y variable decreases. Even though the two variables are positively correlated, there is one outlier entry at point (6.00, 22.5). Problem 2 In this case, the relationship between the X and the Y variables reveals a situation of negative correlation due to the downward trend. The values of the variables move in opposite directions since as the value...

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