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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZZ 24 November 2016 Education The website chosen is The lesson is Seven Principles of the Constitution and a brief overview if Checks and Balances. The following principles covered are Checks and Balances, Individual Rights, Limited Government, Popular Sovereignty, Republicanism, Separation of Powers. The Law Focused Education, Inc. a non-profit advisory board produced this lesson plan to assist in preparing students for responsible and effective citizenship. This information is a basic explanation of how representative government works and why there are three branches of government, and how they share power, and the decision-making. This is how no one branch has more power than the other branches of government (LFF, 1). The section of TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills chapter 113.18 (sixth grade) section Subchapter B. Middle School the section is in Social Studies. While it does not specifically discuss Civics, it does talk about the importance of economics and state and federal government topics. How the government works is an important base of information that builds the student to learn it in detail in later grade levels. In TEKS 113.18 describes sixth grade Social Studies sections a1- a8 defines Social Studies as learning about places and people in reference to economics, civics, government, education, and religion, along with state and federal laws and how they work in regards to checks and balances (TEA, 1). Section b under 113.17 describes knowledge and skills. Section 8-10 is the economic portion in different societies. Sections 11-13 relates to the government in the United States and other countries.

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