Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 and GPRA Modernization

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Government Performance Name Institutional Affiliation Government Performance Many scholars have been raised questions on whether Congress has enough powers to control various government agencies. However, researchers have come up with different recommendations on how Congress can be empowered to have effective control over the government agencies. Congress represents the voice of the people, and at all times it should have direct control over the federal government. Alternatively, it acts as an independent watchdog meant to promote transparency in government that is responsive to the needs of the citizens. To control over various agencies of the federal government, the number of committees in the Congress should be increased. More committees are important in that they increase Congress influence over the state agencies and also creating an information network among various arms of government. These committees also create the basis of intergovernmental consultation. Moreover, interest groups such as civil society can influence bureaucracies through lobbying relevant committees of the Congress (Jenkins, 2003). This means that a communication network will be created between government agencies, interest groups, and various Congress committees. Also, the US parliament can have a more direct control on budgetary allocation and implementation of government programs. Most importantly; committees in the Congress should play an active role in ensuring that money meant for various projects are rightfully used. There should be an improvement with Congress representation. The law should be amended to increase the number of members who are elected to the Congress. More

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