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What are the Limits of a Free Press? Name______________________________________________ Class__________________ Date________ GREAT DEBATES WORKSHEET 11 A. Comprehension 1. The first option is always going to be to do nothing. Silence on this topic is the wait and see what happens next. The 1968 document in question came into being before Nixon came to the office of President. Nixon also thought this document have an exaggeration of the historical facts. The answer is one history will never know because Nixon did react. The second option was Nixon’s choice to block the release due to distinct policy suggested a threat to national security. All agencies feared that their secret plans would see the light of day and blow up many of the secret negotiations with Russia and China (Pappas, 2.) 2. The first issue was the actual content of the Pentagon papers that detailed every step of the United States trail to into the Vietnam War. The second is “Freedom of the Press” and whether the Times were right or wrong in the publication of these papers. In the end, the federal government predicted major problems never came to fruition. 3. The objections were that there was erroneous information in the document. Nixon suggests the possibility of affecting the current talks with both Russia and China. Nixon also thought it was setting the precedence that it was okay to release any document without prior approval. 4. Rosenthal suggests that that the Times were acting legally when it printed the first part of the papers. The government’s fears of losing the negotiations never happened. The United States citizens have to read and come to their own conclusions. In

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