Good & Bad With Research

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Good & Bad With Research A research study is conducted to investigate and address a particular issue. Research calls upon for the re-interpretation of the already existing knowledge, attitude, values, and skills. In the course of writing a research paper, students undergo good and bad experiences. Researching the area of interest is interesting for the student. It gives them an opportunity to learn more about the topic from scholarly books, articles, and real-life experience. Interacting with different people in the field is fascinating. Connecting class knowledge to the experience is interesting as it provides in-depth information concerning a particular issue (Donald, et al. 5). Additionally, the part of recommendation gives students a chance to put their thoughts in the research which might be implemented in future. Also, future experiments can be conducted based on excellent analysis thus giving credit to the student. The worst experience when carrying out a research paper is the issue of time and commitments. A research paper requires the student to spend a lot of time in the library gathering materials and sources. Time commitments begin from the first step of selecting the topic which requires adequate information. Most of the leisure time is spent in the library trying to meet the deadline (Gastel, Barbara & Robert, 12). Collecting data in the field is not only tiresome but also frustrating in case of incorporative respondents. Sometimes more than half of the sampled population may decline to participate in the questionnaire or interviews. Additionally, selecting a thesis statement and connecting it

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