Gone With the Wind.

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date 1. In the book, gone with the wind, Rhett Butler tells the southerners that they will never conquer the North, which makes them feel insulted. He tells the southerners that if they go to war with the United States, they are not likely to win because it has money and men. He claims that if they are not whipped by guns, powder, and steel, they will be starved to death. He adds that the flower of the country, or rather the young men, will be taken. 2. There is nowhere in the movie that Rhett Butler uses words to describe something missing in the battle. However, he is a wealthy person and offers financial backing to the southerners, and that could be the missing thing in the battles. 3. Ellen suggests to Scarlet to go to Atlanta and to cheer up, but she is gloomy for the wrong reason. She is widowed and agrees to go only because she will have a chance to see Melanie again. Her nurse, Mammy, does not think it is in her best interest, and she tells her so. While in Atlanta, she attends a fundraising ball for the Confederate army (Mitchell, 287). Being a widow, she should not be enjoying herself. Her dancing at the bizarre is shocking because she is supposed to be mourning. I think she dances covertly to forget her loss and she enjoys bending the rules. 4. Prissy had been lying that she knows much about childbirth, but she later admits that she knows nothing. Prissy's conduct says much about the racism of White Americans in the 1930s when the film was produced. Just like Prissy, White Americans were negligent and did not take anything that involved the people of colour seriously. As a matter of facts, she

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