Golden Rule Essay

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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Golden Rule Essay The experience of the Hurricane Irma is still very vivid in my mind. It was a tremendously powerful hurricane that people have ever witnessed in Atlantic. The Irma hurricane felled under the category of the five storms that was experienced on the island of leeward. The damages that were caused by the Irma is going to be felt for generations to come. In 2005, there was Katrina hurricane which stroke the United States, however, the Irma is far much above that one. It started from Cape Verde in August. It then got conditions that allowed to start spreading and that is how it moved up to Florida. It became a category four hurricane on September 4th as it was moving into more favorable conditions. I can remember warnings were being issued from almost every corner. Not the media, not the Emergencies agencies. I saw the federal emergency management agency deploying various teams that were to help in the rescuing of people. There was food, medicine, blankets among other things that were being supplied. Some residents started taking preventive measures by safeguarding their homes as they waited for the strong winds to come. In case of any evacuation process, the emergency crews were ready to offer support. In certain places, the people had no option rather than to leave that area because massive floods were being expected. There was no more schooling, and business activities came to an end. The northern part was supposed to be the primary zone of the hurricane. Therefore, those individuals on the North were given a severe alert. The area was to suffer due to the rough sea. Specific

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