Going Home by Antonin Dvorak

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Going Home by Antonin Dvorak Many people believe that Antonin Dvorak was the person who wrote the lyrics of the song Going Home. However, this belief is not correct as the song Going Home lyrics were written by one of Antonin Dvorak’s student called William Arms Fisher in 1922. William Arms Fisher drew his inspiration from the challenge of Antonin Dvorak in his interview for the New York Herald newspaper where he challenged the American composers to draw inspirations from the rich heritage of their country. Antonin Dvorak composed the song Going Home using the lyrics of his student Antonin Dvorak. The song going home gained fame especially in funerals as it was sung in many funerals including President Gerald Ford’s and President Franklin Roosevelt’s funerals. The first controversy in this song “Going Home is most people are still in an argument on who composed the lyrics of the song. Some people say that it was Antonin Dvorak while others say that it was his student William Fisher. The truth of the matter is that William Fisher wrote the lyrics of this song, but Antonin Dvorak composed the song. The second controversy that exists in this song is whether home refers to heaven or actual earth home. An atheist will argue that home in this song refers to the homeland of the slave while Christians will argue that argue that home refers to heaven in this song. The third controversy that exists in this song is when the author refers to home as a place that is nearby. It is controversial since no one can estimate the distance traveled by dead people to arrive in heaven. In other words when the author refers to heaven as a place nearby we are unsure whether it is true

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