Globalization, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Globalization, Diversity, and Inclusion Globalization has been a key contributing factor in changing the way the world operates. The obstacles that once stalled the ability of people to communicate and network across the world have reduced. Globalization has become deep-seated in all fields. Innovations in information technology are a main motivating force behind globalization. There are different ways in which globalization has affected business in the United States. Globalization allows for quicker information transaction, quicker transportation and a wider selection of mobility from country to country. Businesses have the ability to authorize the consumer. That is, consumers can find the product that fits them best since they can access products all over the world. Globalization has helped small companies join global market. There is increased competition because globalization has enabled the introduction of products from all over the globe thus lower prices. This forces companies and businesses to take advantages of what globalization has to offer to survive in the market. With globalization, in future, businesses will not be able to do well if operating in the United States only. They will have to operate in different countries to maintain a competitive advantage in the global market. Diversity and inclusiveness in a workplace are very important. Organizations can achieve this by nurturing workplace culture where all staff is cherished and acknowledged for their unique ideas, qualities, and perceptions. After establishing the culture, proposals for diversity and inclusion cannot face resistance (Gregory, et al. 80). Also, organizations should recognize the skills

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