Globalization and Human Resource Management

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Globalization of Human Resource Management Name: Institution: Abstract Today, numerous corporations have operations in every corner of the world as it has become more globalized. Multinational companies must embrace the culture of a particular region and structure their activities to reflect the values of that society so as to operate successfully in diverse environments. The human resource department plays a vital role in ensuring a company conforms to the practices of a particular culture. Globalization means that the role of human resources has been expanded to encompass the beliefs and values of a particular society. Over the years, there have been many works of literature that deal with the topic of globalization and human resources. This paper focuses Kin Pak Sun’s (1999) article that was published at the turn of the new millennium. The author deals with the global context of human resources by examining how human resources is related to national cultures. Sun analyses the role of human resource in global organizations, the development of international leaders, and proposes the changes required for public administration teaching Globalization and Human Resource Management Pan Suk Kim’s (1999) article, Globalization of Human Resource Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective for the Public Sector identifies the different HR practices in different regions of the world. Kim places particular focus on the development of human resources in this rapidly changing world. The following paper is a summary of Kim’s thoughts. The author divides the paper into four main sections. Firstly, she deals with the global context of human resources by examining how human

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