global warming

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Name Instructor Course Date Global Warming The temperatures of the earth's atmosphere are believed to be progressively increasing due to a permanent change in the earth's climate. This has affected the climatic and the biodiversity an issue that has sparked informal and formal discussions with scientists and environmental experts in a bid to find mitigation measures. There have been several trends that have clearly indicated that the earth temperature is increasing. This includes the rising sea levels and depletion of ice glaciers in the attics. Further, some areas have experienced temperatures far much higher than has occurred in decades ago. The period from 1983 to 1991 has been registered as the warmest over the last couple hundreds of years (Singer and Avery 5). Scientists argue that the earth’s temperature is bound to increase by about 1.40C to 5.80C in the next 100 years if efficient counteractive measures are not initiated. Unfortunately, the imbalance has been already created, and it may take a long time and some massive efforts to redress the issue. The imbalance continues to strike every other day with natural occurrences such as landslides, droughts, cyclones and floods hitting the globe. While several view the impact of global heating to be more considerable and fast than others, logical compromise on climatic vicissitudes associated with global warming is that the earth’s temperature has ascended between 0.4 and 0.8 degree Celsius over the past ten decades. Scientists have conferred to the theory that the increased concentration of the greenhouse gasses could have been the primary cause of the global warming effects. They are however against the

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