Global Population Growth

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First name Last name Instructor’s Name Course Number 17th February 2018 Answers to the questions According to the Ecology Global network (n.p), it takes one minute for 258 babies to be born. As such, the world birth rate is approximately four births per second. Ecology Global Network (n.p) postulates that approximately two people die every second in the world. The difference between the world’s birth rate and death rate gives the net sum of the people that are added to the world every second. Birth rate- Death rate = 4-2. Therefore, two people are added to the world every second. It will take approximately 5.8 days to add a million people to the world. I. e 1000000/ 2= 500000, 500000/3600= 138.89. 138.89/ 24 = 5.8 days. Number of people added to the world population every month and every year People added to the world every second = 2; people added to the world every day 2*3600*24= 172800. Therefore, in every month 172800*30, i.e., 5,184000 people are added to the world. This translates to 62, 208,000 people added to the world in one year. How many people lived in the United States on 7th December 1997? According to the United States (US) Census Bureau (n.p), a net of one person is added to the US population in every fifteen seconds. Therefore, four people are added to the population in every minute and 5760 every day. According to the (US population by Month n.p), the US population was 274.11 million people on On 1st December 1997. Therefore, the number of people added from 1st December to 7th December was 5760* 7= 40320. Thus, the US population on 7th December 1997 was 274110000+ 40320= 274150320. How many are here now? According to the

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