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Glo-Bus Company4 Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission The management of Company4 engages in various functions including human resources function and corporate compliance/ethics. These roles are very important to this company. The management also has a burden of making sure that ethics is maintained in the company. The management is supposed to ensure that employees work in a healthy environment such that their needs are addressed. The results obtained in regards to human resources show that most employees become discouraged in their jobs. The employees failed to perform to their level best due to some issues that were not addressed by the management. Communication breakdown was common during the game. Employees also failed to perform as expected due to recruitment issues. The company had employed some employees that were not qualified for the different roles that the performed, and this had a significant contribution to the poor results obtained. The management did not reward employees that performed better than others, and this demotivated the employees more. The mistakes that the management made in the human resources function is that it employed some workers that did not meet the selection criteria. These employees failed to perform as they did not understand their roles well and this had a great impact on results. The management also failed to encourage employees so that they could perform better. Motivation is key to ensuring that employees are assured that whatever they are doing is in line with the vision of a company. Another mistake done is the failure to train its employees. Training is important as it

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