GlaxoSmithKline’s Staff Involvement in Bribery

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Student Tutor Course Date GlaxoSmithKline’s Staff Involvement in Bribery Pharmaceutical companies experienced a series of questionable ethical conducts in 2014. In China, the most significant dilemma befell the approval of drug tests and promotion of drug consumption from GlaxoSmithKline. It is a British pharmaceutical company involved in research and selling of drugs. The staff members, who depend on the number of sales, were reported to have exchanged bribes at different levels to mobilize the consumption of their drugs. There were complaints claimed that the staff members would offer bribes to approve the efficiency of the drugs during the test. The company seemed to record high sales in 2014, which made it rise to being among the top-selling companies in 2015 (“GlaxoSmithKline admits some staff in China involved in bribery” n.p). GlaxoSmithKline was formed in the year 2000. The company has its branches distributed internationally, with the headquarters in London. However, the core problem in 2014 only affected the Chinese subsidiary. The factors linked to the given case range from the potentially significant market of drugs in the region to discontent with payments. The state is known to have a substantial share of export of their drugs. The matter was deep-rooted among a network of staff member only who yearned to increase their profit through the making of more significant sales. The effects of the corruption would have direct impacts such as wrongful drug prescriptions and the approval of ineffective drugs. Since the problem is a burden to the community, it requires a rapid intervening. The major decisions that will help in the solution are those

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