Glass ceiling

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Glass Ceiling The Federal Glass Ceiling Commissionddescribe glass ceiling as an invisible and an unbreakable barrier that bar women and minority groups from getting to the top levels within the corporate sector, regardless of their academic qualifications or achievements. Glass ceiling has been a corporate problem for a very extended period of time and has mainly affected most women and the minority groups in the corporate society. Despite the rise in the number of educated women in the modern society, they are still subjected to discrimination when it comes to accessing good jobs and promotions to higher positions in the corporate sector. My choice to pick this topic has also been driven by the problems women face when trying to prove themselves as equal to men in the different walks of life. Minority groups and women have been subjected to barriers such as Societal barriers, government barriers, and internal business barriers, which make it very hard for them to succeed within the corporate sector. These challenges have not changed over the years, and this paper tries to propose possible solutions to the problem and the challenges that people face while solving the problem. I also chose to look into the causes of glass ceiling since their exist some of the causes that have always recurred over the years and the society is not ready to change. This paper mainly targets the entire corporate sector since that is where women and minority groups have received the highest form of discrimination in terms of job promotions and access to new jobs. As an adapted paper, I had to revise the cause of glass ceiling since most of the barriers that are used in promoting glass ceiling

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