Ghanaian Culture (specifically Akan culture)

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Ghanaian Culture (specifically Akan culture) There are numerous tribes such as the Akan that constitute a greater part of Ghanaians. The Akan are one of the largest Ghanaian groups that look into the culture(s) and way of life of their smaller groups such as Ashanti and Fanti. Delving into the Akan’s culture(s), therefore, enlightens individuals about the Ghanaians since they occupy a large part of the community. An examination of the Akan culture augurs an interest(s) in their language(s), food(s), kingdom, cloth, dance(s) and celebration(s). Among the Akan people, there is the Akan language which is divided into dialects that include Asante, Fante and Twi. Each of them applies to different parts of Ghana as Fante, for instance, are used by the Ghanaians within the central region. Nonetheless, the three dialects are under the same bracket hence, they are often treated as one, the Akan language. Apparently, this language has a connotation of slavery as there are some in Suriname that utilize the Akan language (Daddieh & Robert 71). An in-depth look at slavery reiterates that; most of these people at Suriname were sired from people that suffered under the hands of white colonizers. The three dialects are spoken all around Ghana by a respectable number of these citizens. It is important, however, to realize that the Akan Orthography Committee played a role(s) in constructing a common language to be used in educational settings. They combined a certain amount of words extracted from the Akan language and supplemented them with Adinkra, which are visual representation of the language . An

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