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Students Name Institution Course Date Admission Essay People experience varying situations and lead different lifestyles based on their goals and dreams. It has been my dream to prosper in life as I venture through various levels of life including my education, cultural and social life. In this paper, I will address various areas that characterize my life including hardship, diversity and cultural awareness, leadership and familial, educational background. My close relationships and family members have been a pillar and hold a substantive position as their influence led me to success and overcoming of life challenges. Although my education journey hasn’t been easy due to recurring challenges, my family members and close friends believed in me and held huge responsibilities in ensuring that I pursue a college education. Depression has been one of the challenges in my life though I managed to formulate ways of dealing with the situation. I began my higher education at a local community college, and I am very optimistic to pursue a degree course in business from the University of Washington. Besides, I had started a small business which turned out to be successful and offered major experiences relevant to my business classes. Currently, I am working with the department of dispatch for a particular company and am very happy as my role is to make sure the dispatching people always get their jobs ready. Despite being successful in my education, I have faced challenges and obstacles that led to depression in my life. It was hard managing my studies and taking care of grandpa. With immense grief, I felt lost, overwhelmed and defeated. It has been one of my obstacles

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