Germ Theories of Disease

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Germ Theories of Disease The germ theory states that the occurrence of most of the diseases is because of the presence and the action of certain microorganisms in the body.1 The theory went further to suggest that theses microorganisms are too small that necessitated the help of magnification for viewing. Apart from invading humans, these microorganisms also invade animals together with the other living hosts. The theory was developed during the mid-1800s where it gained instant popularity among the medics across Europe.1 The germ theory complemented the already existed contagion and miasma theories. As a result, the germ theory was used as a stepping stone for the advancement of the contemporary medicine. Besides, since it incorporated the ideas of several theories, historians always use the plural for its reference.1 Therefore, it can be argued that the approach is significant as far as the development of the contemporary medicine is concerned because it has served as the guiding theory for a very long time.1 The germ theory managed to challenge the earlier theories such as the miasma and contagion theories. These theories were propagating that the diseases were as a result of the punishment for their bad behaviors.1 In the event that a large number of the population suffered from a certain ailment, these theories blamed either the sewage odors or the swamp vapors. This idea was also bought by the earlier English physician, such as the legendary William Harvey, who advocated for the miasma to be responsible for the occurrence of the epidemic.1 It is worth noting that miasma was a word that was used to describe a poisonous vapor that was released by the movements of

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