George Armstrong Custer

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George Armstrong Custer Name: Institution: George Armstrong Custer Leadership can be projected in varying ways. For example, leadership can be expressed as an inbuilt gift that influences a person to identify issues and immediately develop a remedy for them (Bryman, 2013). Secondly, leadership is a system that enables the capability of having the humility to care for the staff as a first priority so that they can be productive. Thirdly, leadership is a selfless act of serving other individuals that also incorporates serving staffs. Lastly, the concept of leadership requires an individual to have vast experience on the ins and out of his firm so that implementing the strategic goal of business can be effective (Bryman, 2013). In short, leadership principles are based on activities such as facilitating, motivating, ruling, and inspiring of other individuals in the quest to implement a common goal. Therefore, an effective leader should exhibit such qualities (Bryman, 2013). George Armstrong Custer is a perfect character in the study of strategic leadership and he suit to be a role model in the same field. For instance, he was an ability to showcase audacity and bravery. These are the qualities needed in strategic leadership. From historical content, George Armstrong Custer is always my role model in issues pertaining to leadership. George Armstrong was popular in the civil war era. His leadership profile increased within the Union army due to its ability to showcase audacity and bravery. Even though various people have described George as a foolhardy, reckless, aggressive, and gallant, his leadership was able to guarantee success for the Union army. George showed

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