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Geography Part one: class conflict When the Drug Lord Pablo Escobar met his death, all eyes around the world shifted to Colombia and its “rich history” of drug barons and illegal drug users. The Colombian geography was studied and re-studied several times. The cocaine industry has proven extremely difficult to tame for all governments and all international bodies. Despite the drug being banned internationally, the Latin American countries still see it being used in their societies on a continuous basis whether they like it or not. All this is thanks to the likes of Escobar. Moreover, the cocaine industry is worth billions of dollars if not trillions in terms of the amounts of cash that it generates. However, it should not be forgotten of the many numbers of lives that have been wrecked by cocaine. With the use of the drug which is also categorised as a narcotic, power has been wielded as much as wealth. With wealth comes power and a shift in the balance of life as some will also remain poor due to the ascension to power of others. The only problem is usually on the fact that few will be powerful and rich while several others live on the brink of poverty due to the imbalance experienced. There were several issues encompassing Pablo Escobar’s life such as drugs, philanthropy, crime, poverty, morality and ethics, and death. For a man who had ascended to power from one of the humblest of beginnings, Escobar’s death was very disgraceful. On moral grounds, one would say that the officer who shot him first and the one who shot him last to take out his life did a very honourable act of humanity. It should not be forgotten that this is was an overweight individual who had

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