Geographic Information System

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Name Professor Course Date Geographic Information System Geographical Information System, GIS defines a computer-based system that captures, stores, checks and displays data associated positions within the surface of the earth ( 1). GIS has the capability of displaying various types of data on map surface. In this regard, it becomes very much easy for many people to see, evaluate and gain the knowledge on both patterns and relationships. Role of Geographic Information System Just as already stated in the introduction above, GIS serves functions such as data collection, storage, management, analysis, and production of valuable information. The instance here implies that the GIS process serves the role of imputing raw data sets towards the production of valuable input information ( 1). Other parties depend on the input of exact data on historical past and utilization of the GIS capability in the production of approximations or predictions and giving the response to plans linked to the natural phenomenon. Transportation planning as example of the successful application of GIS Currently, GIS is successfully utilized in the management of problems associated with transport and logistics. In any case, most government's department of transportation applies GIS principles in the construction of the railway or a route through the addition of data on environment and topography to the platform of GIS ( 1). In this regard, it enables for the output of the appropriate source for the means of transport about the criteria such as the flattest route, an area that has very minimal damage to the habitats and also least disruption to

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