Genocide, Social institutions, Theoretical frame work

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“How the Rwandan Genocide Could have been Prevented” Name: Institution: Abstract The Rwandan genocide was one of the worst blood bath massacres to have been witnessed after the Second World War. The genocide was caused mainly by ethnic division amongst the Hutu and Tutsi communities in Rwanda. The Hutu-dominated the political scene in the country and drove out members of the Tutsi community, and those that remained in the country were slaughtered mercilessly. The division was brought along by the introduction of the identity card system which was introduced by the Belgians when they conducted the census. This animosity claimed many innocent lives. However, the massacre could have been prevented if only the superpower countries had intervened in good time. The blame also lies with the media, since the press was used at the time to instigate violence instead of preaching peace and love amongst the citizens. The extremists should have been stopped before they did that much damage. This paper aims to analyze the Rwandan genocide and explain exactly what would have been done differently to put a stop to the mass killings before they even begun. Introduction In the year 1994, Rwanda experienced one of the worst cases of mass murder ever seen after the world war (Genocide Watch, n.d.). Rwanda was initially a colony of Germany before Belgium took claim. The Belgians introduced a system that separated one ethnic group from the other during the census. This practice, although widely used, brought along a lot of suffering and segregation. This showed how invariable these labels had become in their heads. The Hutu and Tutsi had many practices in common; they

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