Genetically Modified Foods

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Genetically Modified Foods Genetically modified (GMO) materials have invaded the market today in a great way. In the food stores today, there are more genetically modified food materials in comparison naturally engineered products. The modifications of food substances have been discussed widely especially on issues touching the safety of these products to the human body. Genetic engineering was much pronounced among animals in the past, but the production of bioengineered plants has become a norm in the twenty-first century. The scarcity of food resulting from the failure of the agricultural industry is one of the major causes of the increase of GMOs in the market today. Genetic engineering has helped to curb food scarcity in the world by creating superior organisms that have the capacity to withstand harsh climatic conditions and the new bread of diseases. The number of superior livestock has risen in the twenty-first century because of genetic engineering. Biotechnology can either alter the entire genome of an organism or add nutrients to the plant or animals (Weasel 69). Weight-related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes have led to increased demand for nutrients. Biotechnology, therefore, comes in handy in ensuring that the demanded nutrients are available to the society and in good numbers. Genetic modification is the process by which the genetic makeup of an organism; either plant or animal is changed to meet specific needs. Genetically modified products alter and enhance the desired nutrients to make the products better and superior to serve an intended need. An organism can change color, size and the genetic

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