Genetic Engineering

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Details Date Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering entails the manipulation of the natural biological occurrence of genes in an organism to a particular predetermined or anticipated outcome using biotechnology (Nicholl 17). Often a thin line exists between what is morally right and that which must happen as a necessity to save a race of organisms from a malady or help improve the wellbeing of such organisms. Genetic engineering occurs in two forms that are somatic cell and germline engineering which serve different functions (Nicholl 18). Somatic cell therapy helps in the repair of damaged human cells that are not gametes, thus used for medical purposes only. On the other hand, germline engineering concerns the advancement of an organism genetically, hence mostly used for therapeutic procedures (Koepsell et al. 16). Genetic engineering is a beneficial resource used in agriculture, manufacturing, and medicine. Bioengineering has the potential to better the wellbeing of humans, increase crop yield, help conserve limited resources and create new wealth. The upside of the field appeals to many, but there exists the downside which does not please. Genetic engineering if untamed at the current pace, in a few years all seeds and animals will be patented to multinationals and billionaires who will hold the world hostage. Genetic engineering is a powerful war weapon that surpasses the damage caused by a nuclear weapon. In light of the potential underlying in genetic engineering, it is the hope of the human race that a boundary exists to demarcate the limits of bioengineering. History of Bioethics serves to remind that

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