Genesis and Gigamesh

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Interaction between Mortals and Devine Beings in Genesis and Gilgamesh The story of Genesis and the Epic of Gilgamesh gives an essential view into the association existing between divine beings and mortals through the application of both imagery, prose and power comparison. Importantly, the divine beings get seen as possessing insurmountable abilities and in a way depicting mortals as lesser beings yet highly essential. The essay aims at analyzing the story of Gilgamesh and Genesis with divinity-mortality interaction. In Genesis, God emerges as the divine being with the depicting of insurmountable power that leaves the men in awe. As a spiritual being, God does not live among humans but exists in the high places with his feet on the ground. In essence, God gets depicted as the more superior being with men and women walking the face of the earth. God does not condone evil and considers it highly punishable even by death. Mostly, with men highly sinning especially with the increased wickedness, God decided as already ensuring success and an ethical’s humankind to wipe the earth with floods (Gen 6:11). On one side, God gets depicted as highly influential as the giver of life as well as the taker. He highly created man and placed him on earth through the first man Adam and women Eve. However, with the increased wickedness spread all over the world, God brings rain in wiping all humankind off the earth. However, God is merciful by saving Noah to continue humanity (Gen 6:9). In one way, God gets seen as caring for his people as long as they live free of sin. On the other hand, the considering of Noah’s

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