Generation According To Theology By Hesiod

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Generation According To Theogony by Hesiod Theogony by Hesiod discusses the origin of gods and goddesses through parental treachery and filial betrayal. Love and loyalty also characterize the birth of gods and goddesses. The poem links both procreation, and cosmic creations since mountains and physical aspects of the world came to be as a result of procreation (Th. 211-225). This paper discusses filial betrayal which covers the second and third generation of gods and goddesses. The twelve Titans grouped into male and female pairs: Kronos and Rhea; Iapetus and Themis; Oceanus and Tethys; Hyperion and Theia; Crius and Mnemosyne; and Coeus and Phoebe. They produce the rivers and springs, second generation Titans, Atlas and Prometheus, Selene, Helios, and many other offspring. Earlier, Uranus, the Titans’ father, feared that one of his sons would bring his downfall and shut all of them inside their Mother, Gaia. Kronos, the duteous son, volunteered to do the dirty deed: he used that great sickle to castrate his father and make him impotent thus without power (Th. 383-403). The Titan Kronos and his sister and wife Rhea gave birth to six children making the Olympic gods and goddesses: Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, and, Zeus. The Titan Kronos had been cursed by his father, Uranus, for castrating him. Given his evil deed, Kronos did not wish to repeat the mistake his father had made that left him vulnerable therefore rather than imprisoning his children in Tartarus or his wife’s body; he swallowed them (Th. 306-332). Similar to Gaia, Rhea desired to free her children from their father. She recruited the

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