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Case Study: Bill Gates’ Leadership Methodology Bill Gates was born in 1955 in Seattle. Gates had a hobby of developing computer programs when he was a teenager. He attended Lakeside School with Paul Allen with whom they developed programs. Later, Allen went to work at Honeywell as a programmer while Gates went to Harvard. Gates later dropped out of college. They teamed up again in 1975 to start Microsoft, which was worth $2.5 million by 1978. Microsoft later produced Windows in 1985. Gates went on to work at Microsoft for about thirty years. Throughout his tenure as a leader, he showed the importance of clear thoughts and executing them. Gates always dreamt big; he always had a clear vision for his company. He wanted Microsoft to dominate the Computer industry. This involved investing in great risks, in areas he was unfamiliar with. He was passionate about his company. Gates was very adaptive; he would reinvent the company to accommodate the business market which kept changing every day. When Gates started Microsoft, he worked on weekends and never went on vacations. He spent most of the days in his office, most of the times preferring to sleep on his office floor rather than go home. He wanted his employees to follow his example though he was met by some resistance on this front. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, once described the early working environment at Microsoft as a “high-stress environment.” He goes further to explain how Gates drove other employees to the limits as much as he drove himself. Gates liked to record the license plates of the cars in the parking lot of the company to know those who early or late and those putting in more effort by staying

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