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General Company Questions Tesla is a car manufacturing company that is focused on producing electricity driven vehicle. In fact, it is the only car manufacturing company whose primary source of business is electric drive vehicles. In addition to vehicles, the company is engaged in research and development activities focused on energy innovation and environmental protection (Tesla. 2016). It is evident that Tesla is aware of the environmentalists concerns regarding the use of petroleum-based energy and engines. Having identified the business opportunity offered by vehicles driving by alternative energy, it was prudent that the company would focus on the market as an innovator (White & Bruton, 2010). As such, it chose to adopt a functional oriented strategy that identified a problem and presented a practical solution for the problem thereby making its products attractive to customers looking for environmentally friendly vehicles. A review of Tesla’s business strategy shows that it has adopted differentiation strategy as the platform upon which it would showcase its capacities to make electric cars. Tesla is investing a lot of its focus on ensuring that its key vehicle models are successful in the market. To this effect, it is forced to invest a lot in research and development activities since its vehicles must have a high capacity functionality to compete with other petroleum-powered vehicles. Given the increasing public attention to pollution and environmental protection, it can be accepted that Tesla is likely to experience intensive growth thereby justifying its intensive investment in research and development activities. The investments are considered as vital

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