Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy Gene therapy is the procedural technique that uses genes to prevent or treat diseases. Due to advancement in technology, this procedure is being used by physicians to cure a disease by introducing DNA into the patient’s cells rather than using surgical procedure or drugs. Gene therapy will soon enhance the correction of gene disorders, prevent cardiovascular diseases, eliminate cancerous cells and eliminate infectious pathogens. However, it is important to differentiate between gene therapy from the use of genomics to research on new drugs and diagnosis procedures, although the two are similar in some aspects (Brown & Brown, 2016). This paper is a discussion of gene therapy in details. Gene therapy is aimed at introducing genetic material into cells as a replacement for abnormal genes. If the mutated gene contributes to problems to the necessary protein making it being missing or faulty, gene therapy is capable of introducing a similar replica of the DNA to enable the proper functioning of the protein. A gene that is injected right into a cell usually is not functional. Instead, a carrier known as a vector is genetically improved to provide the DNA. Particular pathogens are usually used as vectors as they provide the new DNA by infecting the cell structure. Therefore, the pathogens are adjusted, so that they do not contribute to diseases when injected in individuals. In relation to this, various kinds of viruses such as retroviruses, combine their genetic composition into the DNA in the human genome (Ibraheem, Elaissari & Fessy, 2014). Moreover, other viruses including; adenoviruses, insert their genetic composition into the central part of the

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