Gene Technology

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Gene Technology Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction. Biotechnology use and application involves a wide variety of technologies that are commonly used for different purposes. Some of these uses include the genetically improving plant varieties and animals with the aim of increasing the crop and animal yields, for genetic characterization and to improve the conservation of genetic resources. Moreover, the development of new and efficient vaccines and the improvement of animal feed is another factor for biotechnology. The methods of achieving this include the utilization of genetic markers commonly called genetic modification and tissue culture. One type of biotechnology is the use of genetically modified crops. This technology modifies crops through the application of a recombinant DNA as the technology to produce better crops. This is also called genetic engineering. This paper focuses on the technology on the use of genetically modified crops or the development of transgenic crops that carry specifically developed traits and released with the goal of achieving commercial production. Some of the crops developed through this technology include cotton, maize, canola that are pest resistant and potatoes and papaya that are disease resistant. Moreover, the technology produces soybean, cotton that is herbicide resistant. The underdevelopment of GM crops that are not yet commercialized is being carried out through the production of bananas that have vaccines and rice with high volumes of carotenoid that are rich in vitamin A. The genetic modification of crops is the manipulation of the development or growth of a plant, its structure or its genetic

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