Gendered Perspectives of Toy products for Children

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There is a variety of factors that would likely influence the way a particular individual perceives a particular object or product. An individual’s interaction with this subject product will always influence the way this person sees this product. In this research-based article, a particular product is analyzed on how its specific aspects affect the way a particular group perceives it. The control which forms an interactive description of children's toys is also considerate of not only the users of the product but also the general public CITATION Hug16 l 1033 (Kathryn, 2016). The research question aims at describing how the design of toys, the way it is packaged, and how its producers market it presents a relatively gendered perspective. It is imperative to understand what a gendered perspective is, from these I can form a basis for my discussion. Furthermore, the distinct parts of this article will be described in their relationship with the research question. In this independent research article, I will choose a variety of products from a particular toy manufacturer; I will also highlight how distinct the toys are with the different discourse analysis tools. A gendered perspective is a process in which the insinuations of both men and women in any strategic way of doing things is analyzed or assessed. Part A Disney is a giant manufacturer of toys for children as well a variety of other products including involvement in a significant role in the movie industry. In this research article we consider a particular toy in which we are to describe, the toy is Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush. This product is a set of toys in which it has consisted of a male and a female toy.

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