“Gender, Violence and Trauma”

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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Gender, Violence, and Trauma In the mid-20th Century, the French, American, and the Vietnamese societies witnessed increasing post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the war. Mainly affected were the participating soldiers who were returning from the war due to the Guerilla warfare and hi-tech warfare faced by the soldiers. Coupled with their frustration, they experienced for being targets for constant attacks is what resulted in their trauma. Tim O’Brien uses the story ‘The Things They Carried’ and different characters show the theme of trauma. Therefore, this essay is purported to demonstrate the effects of trauma both emotionally and physically as a result of war and how those affected to respond to it. The paper, therefore, explores the theme of trauma as a whole in the context setting of war highlighting the emotional, mental and physical effects. As a result, a new structure and identity of the lives of the participating bodies are acquired. The narrator uses different characters to show the emotional and physical baggage that they drag as they move around and how it has reflected in their lives. The title itself has also been used both literally and metaphorically to refer to the luggage that they carry around and the emotional weight that weighs heavily on them, all of which are a traumatic result of the war. The soldiers are said to be moving ghosts as part of their emotional baggage (O’Brien 48). In looking at the characters, the soldiers are forced to carry around various items for war such as maps, binoculars, rounds of ammunition and fully-loaded guns around. It is meant to ensure that

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