Gender stratification

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Gender Stratification Name Institution Course Date Gender stratification is a state in a society where men enjoy greater ranks than women. Gender stratification can be used to mean gender inequality. The gender stratification has been a societal belief for decades around the globe. Men have continued to have more social power, physical and status in the public dome than what women have. Women tend to be less aggressive and ferocious while men tend to be extra antagonistic and fierce. These give men the grounds to define society, hold public offices, and formulate rules and laws to be followed. The feminists also take the advantage and start controlling women. In the past, women in the United States of America were not allowed to vote, serve on a jury, own property or testifying in the court. However, in the 21st century, much has been realized in strive to bridge the gap. Women can vote, testify in courts, own property, serve on a jury, and perform much of what men do including serving in the military. Though much has been done to eradicate gender stratification, men still dominate in the high-level position. Despite the fact that women are in the military, they remain less robust and have lower status than men hence the gender stratification in the military. Women have been discouraged in some careers usually described as masculine. But some women take the courage and find the opportunities. However, they face gender stratification in the workplace as they execute their duties. In the military, men have higher status and positions than women. This brings about positional bias in the military. Most of the key military positions are held by men. Women are not

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