Gender Socialization

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The concept of gender, since time immemorial, has proved to be controversial. It is clear that the differences between females and males are acquired from both nature and nurture. These biological distinctions override others that are inclined toward nurture. Through gender socialization, therefore, society understands each gender; ensuring the latter’s requirements is satisfied and fulfilled accordingly. Since there are many natural distinctions between males and females, most of these gender disparities are learned. Through the social construction of gender, various societies reiterate the essential nature of gender roles. The concept, therefore, showcases that each gender is affiliated with specific behavior. According to Adichie, the society should avoid “performing” and “doing” gender roles. Her sentiments are accentuated when she says, “I know a woman who hates domestic work…” Through this, it is clear that each person should be obliged to handle responsibilities that are not out of their comfort zones (Adichie, 2013, p.4). It is unfortunate that gender socialization begins right from childhood. For instance; when a child is growing up, they are taught that blue represents the male gender while pink represents the female one. In such a case, therefore, it becomes a great issue when boys possess pink items and vice versa. The issue about colors is, in fact, among the numerous misconceptions about gender socialization in various societies. As these children learn the social construction of gender from their parents and guardians, it is salient that nurture influences the differences between men and women. Similar concepts influence females to own

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