Gender in Sporting Viewership across Europe

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Until the 19th century, feminism was subjugated to an inferior position in all public entities. In most cases, women were not allowed to own anything including their bodies. This meant that their actions were entirely a prerogative of the men. Sports are especially a field where women were not allowed to engage. This is because the area was associated with masculinity, force, and rowdiness. Women, particularly in Europe during the Victorian age we supposed to be cultured, mild and ladies. Furthermore, participation is sports in most cases demanded adornment in regalia that was unthinkable. The 19th century brought about the onset of the struggle for gender equality in suffrage. Soon, this struggle went to equality in employment, education and other aspects of life. The slow pace that the trend was achieving results restrained it to issues considered of prime relevance to equalizing the quality of life between men and women. (Husu 222) However, recently, gender equality in sports has been a heated debate. In dominant cultures, sports are still associated with masculinity. There are therefore numerous challenges that affect women in sports. (Coulomb-Cabagno and Rascle 1981) One is the fact that media coverage is heavily biased on men. Commercialization of sports is heavily reliant on media. This is because media focus helps in generating a fan base. This is the real source of sports funding through ticketing. For this reason, media alignment towards male sports makes them more profitable, and in return, male athletes are paid much more than women counterparts. Due to the profitability of masculine sports, there are more willing stakeholders who contribute towards the

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