gender and language

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Gender and Language Within the general human culture, there are lingering presuppositions on how men and woman are supposed to behave. A large part of presumptions is based on how people speak differently, perhaps along the gender lines. The claim that women and men have differences in language use is a usual point of debate and has appeared, debated, discussed from glamor magazines and newspapers, and books to academic journals in language, psychology, education, and anthropology. The idea that women and men speak and listen differently is largely non-contentious, with platitudes such as ‘men never listen,' and ‘it is easy to talk to a woman' commonly referenced in every non-academic literature from glamor magazines, to newspaper and even in greeting cards. The claim that women and men speak a differently has become a canon, not treated as a hypothesis to be analyzed; rather it has become an unquestioned article of faith. The faith in the argument might be misplaced. Personally, it would be important to follow the evidence where it leads, but in the proposition of gender and language differences, the evidence does not lead to where it is common though it would go. Men and Female 'speak a different language' which leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Dropping the myths and stereotypes of the supposed differences in language use between men and women can help in making gains where the society has dug trenches on this belief. The claim on language differences between men and women at the basic level is often known as the Mars-Venus belief. This belief can be constructed in the

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