GE Financial Analysis

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TO: FROM DATE: SUBJECT: General Electric Company Financial Analysis The General Electric Company was founded in 1892 after a merger that involved Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Lynn, Schenectady and Edison General Electric Company. The company’s headquarters was based in Connecticut U.S and had both of its plants operating in New York CITATION Che12 l 1033 (Chesbrough, 2012). The founders of the company were by Thomas Edison and Coffin Charles who were working in the neighboring states and who acquired numerous patents in the companies selling electric devices and after having the feeling that their minds were thinking in the same line. They decided to merge their company in the name General Electrics. After the merge, the company continued to advance its course of incorporating other smaller companies, which eventually lead to it being an internationally recognized corporation. In its early years, General Electrics concentrated more in the manufacturing of computers. It majorly dealt with GE 100’s and later GE 4010. The company was doing well until it experienced the lack of technical aspects which culminated to the company selling all its computers to another company called Honeywell. At that time, the company operated its businesses in the name of General Electric Information Services. During the time, it continued to incorporate many other companies like RCA for other television networks, in 1986. With the entrance of the 21st century, General Electric Company acquired the unit of Enron Wind dealing with manufacturing and which gave rise the wind energy generation of General Electric Company CITATION Mar15 l 1033 (Markham, 2015). In 2008, the

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