Gathering Blue Formal Essay

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Authors Name: Instructors Name: Course: Date: Gathering Blue Formal Essay In her novel “The Giver”, Lois Lowry displays a society that embraces sameness in order to stay safe by eliminating strife and pain. This plan of ‘sameness’ has led to a society with individuals who cannot exercise their choices nor can they question the orders given to them by the leaders e.g. releasing of the unhealthy infants and the old adults. This society has been ridded of their emotional depth as well as the ability to learn from their past mistakes. In her article, Lea questions what this secondary world created by Lowry encourage us to reassess in our own real world (53). Based on this, Lea examines the dystopia in “the giver” as “a metaphor for racism” in the real world (1). In response to Lea’s question, this paper will examine the world created in Lowry’s novel “Gathering Blue” and its implications in the real world. In “Gathering Blue”, readers experience a world in which the society rejects those who are weak e.g. Kira who is lame and orphaned. This society is ruled by authoritative people i.e. the Council of Guardians, who have the power to decide who lives and who dies. This world also seems to be chaotic which is displayed in the extract “Kira continued through the crowds, past the food shops and the noise of bickering, bargaining women… (Lowry, 53). In this society, one needs to contribute to it in order to survive or risk being rendered weak and being led to “rest in the field of leaving”. This is proven by Kira’s situation in which she is shunned by the community and for her to survive she has to prove to the Council of

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