Gang Violence in Brentwood, New York

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NameProfessor’s name Unit Date Gang violence in Brentwood Problem Brentwood is located about forty miles from Manhattan and has an estimated population of sixty thousand individuals. Since the year 2009, about fourteen deaths have been attached to aging in the town. The main gang in Brentwood that has been held responsible for the murders, especially of young individuals, is the MS-13. The gang has a base in El Salvador and Los Angeles and has been a source of terror in Brentwood for about twenty years. Law enforcement agencies have pointed fingers at the gang for its responsibility in murders and frightening the residents of Brentwood.1 The increase of immigrants from South America has been the cause of the spread of gang violence in the area. Statistics has it that census carried in the year 2014 shows that sixty-eight percent of the population in Brentwood is of Hispanic or Latino origin. Further statistics show that about seventeen thousand inhabitants originate from El Salvador. 2Therefore, the biggest problem facing the town of Brentwood is the immigrants since the MS-13 gang was formed almost four decades ago by people running away from the civil war in El Salvador. Another problem facing Brentwood with regards to groups is the killing of young people. In the recent past, school going children have murdered by the gang with only one victim being linked to the MS-13 gang. Immigrants, especially those from South America pose a threat to the residents of Brentwood. The other problem facing Brentwood are the laws put in place to deal with immigrants. What stands out in the problems is the involvement of immigrants in the gang. Therefore, are the immigrants

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